Tuesday 2 September 2014

New Zealand Student Visa Guidance


Student Visa would be required for the students going to New Zealand to study for a period of more than three months. Given below are the entire set of guidelines to attain a New Zealand student visa:

New Zealand Student Visa Guidance

Application form

The first and foremost step is to complete the Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012) and Student Visa Guide (INZ 1013)


Students can refer to the website www.immigration.govt.nz/fees to know the fees in their local currency.

Offer of place to stay

The offer of place from a New Zealand Education institute should have the required points:
  • Education provider’s name and contact details
  • Name of the programme of study and its duration
  • Tuition fee
  • Whether the student has to pay tuition fees
  • Whether the fees is domestic or international fees
  • Full-time or part-time study
  • Confirmation that all requirements under code of practice for the pastoral care of international students are met, including accommodation for students below 18 years of age

Approved Education Providers

Study programmes must be approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority(NZQA) and be offered by an education institute approved by NZQA
Primary and Secondary Schools
Two types of primary and secondary schools in New Zealand can give seats to International students.
  1. State or integrated primary and secondary schools funded by the government
  2.  Private primary and secondary schools which are funded through student fees

Tertiary Education Provider
  • Private Training Establishments can offer courses which are longer than Three months
  • Universities, Polytechnics
Confirmation of Enrollment

If a student is continuing in the same institute then a confirmation of enrolment must be provided carrying:
  • The name of the programme
  • Annual fee
  • Student is a full-time or part-time
Parents or legal guardian
Students enrolled in years 1 to 8 or less than 13 yrs of age should have an accompanying parent or legal guardian.
Health and Character
Students do not need to provide health certificate unless mentioned in Student Visa Application form(INZ 1012) and (INZ 1013).  Chest X-ray certificate has to be provided if the stay is for more than 6 months.  Students must carry travel insurance. 

Students studying for more than two years must provide a police certificate from the country of citizenship after reaching 17 years of age.

Evidence of funds

Students must show that financial support would be provided during the entire stay.
Return air ticket
Passport which is valid for atleast 3 months past the end of stay.

How to Apply

Gather all documents and submit your application to:

Student Processing Unit
Immigration New Zealand
PO BOX 1409

Palmerston North 4440
Overseas students can submit their forms to their nearest New Zealand Immigration office.

People who do not need a student visa
  • Citizen of New Zealand or Australia would not require a student visa
  • People undertaking short courses which are exempted by New Zealand Qualification Authority for not more than three calendar months
  •  Temporary visa valid for 24 months or more
  • School age children: school-age visitor visa holders can attend a primary, intermediate or secondary school for a period of 3 months per calendar year provided the study finishes within the calendar year.  To be considered a domestic student the child must hold a student visa
  • Working Holiday Schemes: under this students may undertake one or more courses of study as long as the total duration of the courses does not exceed three or six months


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