Thursday 11 September 2014

New Zeland Work Visa

If a person has decided to go to New Zealand and work temporarily then he has to apply for his work visa.  Those who have a job ofer from an employer in New Zealand, want to gain work experience or work after studying, want to join a partner and work have to fill in the application for temporary work visa.

Requirements of temporary work visa are:
  • Person should be of good character and good health
  • Passport must be valid for at least three months before the person arrives in New Zealand
  • Person must be genuinely interested to work

Once the person is granted the work visa he should take care of few important things for e.g. the work must be in accordance with the conditions of the particular work visa granted, abide by the laws of the country, should stay only for the period mentioned in the visa. However, citizens of New Zealand or who have a residence visa, Australian citizen or holder of current Australian permanent resident visa do not need temporary work visa.  People who visit for business negotiations, short term sales trip, official trade missions recognised by the Government of New Zealand can enter New Zealand on a visitor visa.

Various other categories under which people apply for temporary work visa are:

If a person has a job offer from an employer in New Zealand and do not fall under the categories of Specialist workers, he can apply for Essential Skill Work category.  The employer will have to show that the job is included in the Essential skills in demand list and that they have tried their best to find a native to fill the position.

Specific Purpose or Event Category is for people who want to work temporarily for any kind of event, show or for certain professional reasons.

If a person is tour guide or escort then he has to apply for a Specific Purpose Work Visa and if he is a Chinese national then he has to apply for China Special Work visa.

Students or trainees who want to gain work experience in New Zealand as part of their course requirement and those who want to work after successfully completing their course have to apply for temporary work visa.

Work Exchange Scheme category is for people who want to take part in this scheme which is pre-approved by the Government and Immigration Authorities in New Zealand.

There are other specialised fields in which people want to work for e.g. chartered foreign fishing vessels, interpreters from Japan, Thai chefs, seasonal worker in horticulture or viticulture industry and members of missionaries and religious institutions.  Each of these categories has to positively apply for temporary work visa.

Chinese nationals who are qualified as chefs, traditional Chinese medical practitioners, Mandarin teacher’s aide, Wushu Martial art coaches and tour guides can enter New Zealand on this category of work visa.  Similarly, Philippines Nationals who are qualified as registered nurses, farm managers or engineering professionals, Vietnamese nationals who are qualified as chefs or engineering professionals, Indonesian nationals who are chefs, halal slaughters and Bahasa Indonesia teacher’s aide can apply for this visa.

On certain grounds a person can be denied a visa if he is unlawfully staying in New Zealand or if a person is not eligible under section 15 & 16 of the Immigration Act 2009. Person must hold a valid work visa before starting to work in New Zealand. Partners and dependent children cannot be included in the same application.  They will have to apply separately for visitor, student or work visa. For a longer stay person has to apply for further work visa. The application forms can be applied in New Zealand or in the overseas offices.


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