Monday 23 June 2014

New Federal skilled worker programme for Canada

New Federal skilled worker programme has been announced in May 2014 with 50 occupations and CAP is for 25,000 applications. This time the overall CAP has been increased significantly as compared to the last year’s programme as the last year the CAP was only for 5000 applications. This is the last time that these kind of applications will be accepted under the current programme before the new Express Entry programme is launched in 2015.

There are 50 occupations that are open at the moment, but in one occupation the limit of applications are 1000. That occupation will close once 1000 applications have been accepted, and other will be open if there are numbers left in 25,000. 

No Offer or job letter required. This is mainly for those who are applying under Eligible Occupation stream and if they are getting the points mentioned as 67, they do not need a job letter to go to Canada. They can migrate and find the job once they reach Canada. 

To be eligible, one has to be in the stream of listed occupation list and also should calculate the points to score 67, to become eligible. The points systems are as under:

Education:          Doctor level        25points.
                           Masters level       23points.
                           Bachelors level      21 points.
                           Two year post secondary credentials  19 points.

Language proficiency: IELTS is one test that is applicable for language

                       Speaking score:   7.0 Bands, 6 points.   6.5 Bands, 5 points.   6.0 Bands, 4 points.
                        Reading score:    7.0 Bands, 6 points.   6.5 Bands, 5 points.   6.0 Bands, 4 points.
Writing score:    7.0 Bands, 6 points.   6.5 Bands, 5 points.   6.0 Bands, 4 points.
                        Listening score:   8 Bands, 6 points.   7.5 Bands, 5 points.   6.5 Bands, 4 points.

Work Experience: This is calculated as number of years worked in the same steam as mentioned in the 50 occupations.
                                1 Year of Experience                                                                                     9points.
                                2-3 years of experience                                                                               11 points.
                                4-5 years of experience                                                                               13 points.
                                6+ years of experience                                                                                15 points.


All those who are applying for Federal skilled worker and the age is 18-35, will get            12 points.

For all those who are above 35 years of age, will lose one point per year from 12 points for e.g. if anyone is 40 years old will lose 5 points from 12 as he/she is 5 years older than 35 years of age. So points for he/she will be 7.
Relative in Canada:
If anyone or their spouse has relative in Canada who are Canadian Citizen or under Permanent Residency, will score 5 points extra.

Spouse giving IELTS:

If the spouse of the main applicant give IELTS test and score minimum of 4 Bands in Speaking, Reading, and Writing and score 4.5 in Listening or higher, will get 5 points extra.

If you score 67 or more as per these points, you are eligible for applying Canada Federal Skilled Worker.

Also, one last thing is to know that all applicants and family who are applying should have money sufficient funds to enable them to settle in Canada.

If the number of family members are 1, then need                                                          $11,824
If the family members are 2, then                                                                                   $14,720
If the family members are 3, then                                                                                   $18,097
If the family members are 4, then                                                                                   $21,971
IF the family members are 5, then                                                                                  $24,920

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