Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to Obtain Chinese Visa

Irish passport holders who apply for any sort of Chinese visa have to submit some necessary documents along with their application form. On the hand, non-Irish passport holders who are applying for Chinese visa must get in touch with Chinese Consulate or Embassy in their own country. Here is a comprehensive guide on Chinese visa which explains a detail procedure on applying for different types of Chinese visa.

F visa for business and official visit
If you want to attend a business conference or meeting in China then single or multi entry visa is required. In order to avail this visa, an invitation letter from a Government-authorized company or authorized Chinese Government Department is needed along with itinerary details.

L visa for tourism or visiting relative
For the tourism or holiday purpose, an individual can seek single or double entry visa which is valid for three months from its issued date. However, an individual has to submit necessary documents such as proof of kinship like birth certificate or marriage certificate. Applicants who are born in China are exempted from submitting any such proof.

Z visa for employment in China
In order to avail this visa, foreign experts, teachers, scholars or managers have to submit Employment Permit from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China or the Ministry of Labour.

X visa for studying in China
For studying in China, a student visa is mandatory. An applicant has to submit photocopy of JW-202 or JW-201 issued by Ministry of Education of China, photocopy of relevant health certificate, original letter of acceptance of admission in Chinese College/University.

G visa for transit
In order to transit from China, an individual must possess valid visa along with other necessary documents. Irish passport holders don’t need any visa when transit from China in less than 24 hours. However, depending on the application, visa officers may have to submit some specific documents before applying for an interview.

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