Wednesday 15 May 2013

Work Visa Australia Immigration Consultants

work visa australia immigration consultants
There is a visa is for skilled workers from outside Australia who have been sponsored and nominated by a business to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

An Australian business can’t found rightly skilled worker in Australia then he can sponsor a skilled worker from some other country. However the skilled position to be filled for the occupation must be listed in the DIAC.

We are offering detail information that will explain how an Australian business can sponsor skilled workers from any country out of Australia. The purpose of the sponsorship is to confirm that an Australian business wish to employ highly skilled worker. Here is the list of eligible criteria for businesses - 
  • Should not possess any adverse information about the business or any of its directors
  • It must be legally operating business
  • Should qualify for department's training requirements (Australian businesses only).
The Australian companies who are sponsoring must also demonstrate their commitment to employ local labor and follow non-discriminatory employment practices.

Besides this, being an approved sponsor, an organization can nominate unlimited number of subclass 457 visa applicants as long as the labor agreement is valid and applier has standard business sponsorship.

In case you want to apply and not familiar with the subclass 457 visa process then you should read the following information pages to understand the sponsor application process. Entering an incorrect or incomplete sponsorship application could lead to unnecessary delays and may result in rejection of application.

Considering the fact that it is an eligible business, then there are two ways through which a business can become an approved sponsor:
  •  Negotiate a labor agreement.
  • Apply to be a standard business sponsor
Option 1: Negotiate a labor agreement
A labor agreement is nothing but a formal agreement between Australian business and Australian Government. The sponsor will be allowed to enter into a labor agreement with the concern department if:
  • He/She is planning to sponsor an overseas employee to work in meat industry.
  • He/She is planning to sponsor an overseas employee to work the on-hire industries.
  • His/Her organization has specific requirements that avoid from sponsoring skilled workers as a standard business sponsor.
Most of the labor agreements include a necessity to provide training to Australian employees. A soon as the labor agreement in place, they become an approved sponsor for the stipulated period of operation of the agreement.

Option 2: Apply to be a standard business sponsor

The standard business sponsorship arrangement is another common way to sponsor any skilled worker through subclass 457 visa program. However, an individual who is planning to sponsor must lodge a right application to become a standard business sponsor.An organization can have only one standard business sponsorship approved at any given time which is applicable for three years.

The sponsor can extend the applicant’s sponsorship at any time during three-year period by filing a variation application. During the process, sponsor must utilize the same form as he/she would if they are applying to become a standard business sponsor for the first time.

Here are few important questions we are trying to answer in this post:
  • What is adverse information?
  • When is adverse information relevant?
  • What does the department do with adverse information?
1. What is adverse information?
Adverse information includes an administrative action, legal proceedings, investigation, conviction and finding of non-compliance.

2. When is adverse information relevant?
The adverse information test is entitled as soon as the skilled worker or an employer lodges any application regards to a subclass 457 visa.

3. What does the department generally do with adverse information?
In case the department becomes aware of adverse information, it can:
  • Ignore it if it is reasonable to do so.
  • Decline an application to nominate or sponsor a skilled worker, or reject their visa application directly. 
  • Abandon a sponsorship or inflict some administrative sanctions if an organization is already an approved sponsor.
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