Thursday 30 May 2013

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Fiji these days is very popular destination for those who want to leave their country and go to any other country for work and to study in Fiji even after this is a small island.

The republic of Figi, more commonly known as the Figi is an island country in  the South Pacific ocean about 2000 km north east of North Island of New Zealand. A Figi visa is a formal document which is issued by the immigration officials of Figi. The visa is a form of proof that you can stay for a temporary period in the country without any objection. Generally, a stamp is placed on a passport of the immigrant and this serves as his/her visa. The Embassy of Figi issues the different types of visa to the immigrants depending up on their purpose of visit and the duration of stay. The immigrant may enter the nation for any tourism purposes, business purpose or any educational purposes.

A Figi Visa refers to an endorsement on the passport placed by the Figi Embassy or the consulates in the country. The visa application needs to be submitted along with the passport and within limited time, the passport is returned back after the completion of the process. Our website guides you to the different procedures on how to apply for the specific kind of visa.

The Figi visa or at least the passport is required by all the US citizens to enter Figi. Our website provides you all the details about the different types of visa which can be availed by the immigrants. If an immigrant possesses a wrong type of visa, then a case of illegal immigration is filed on the person.

The types of visas that are available and mainly for which most of the people are interested into are:
  1. Work Permit.
  2. Study in Fiji.
  3. Travel/Tourist Visa.
  4. Investor Visa.
  5. Study and work along Visa.
For all the main requirements by the Fiji High commissions are:
  • Application form properly filled.
  • Certified copies of Passport.
  • If want to go for work, then letter from Employer and their company profile.
  • Police Report from local/Country of citizenship.
  • And the rest for different visas can be checked at Fiji Immigration website.
You can choose the best type of visa depending on your requirement. You can get a list of types of visa and visa requirements by clicking on or if you have any query mail us at


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