Friday 10 May 2013

Things to Know Regarding US Tourist Visa for the Visitors

The United States of America is one of the busiest nations in the world which is also known as the country of many dreams. At the same time, US is also consists of lots of tourist attractions and natural beauties across its region. The Tourist Visa category is generally utilized by the visitors for various purposes apart from just touring the country’s attractions. For example, the business professionals can get Tourist Visa in order to attend particular events in the country for a short period of time also comes under B-1 Tourist Visa category. Therefore, it is important for you to know more about US Tourist Visa and its benefits and eligibilities as a visitor. The traveler from any part of the world who wants to visit the attractions and famous sights in the country comes under B-2 category of Tourist Visa. There is also a category available for the people who want to make use of their business Visa trip to United States in order to enjoy the country sights has to avail B1/B2 Tourist Visa to accomplish that. These specific categories help the visitors to identify their purpose and apply for the Visa accordingly.

If you want to get one of these Tourist Visas for United States then you would need to get suggestions from the immigration consultants before actually approaching the immigration authorities directly. The immigration consultants can assist you in the process of determining the perfect category of Business Visa as well as Visitor Visa for you as well as creating an application to approach the US embassy on your country. If you are going to US as a travel then you need to submit the regarding documents such as itinerary that you have planned and hotels that you are going to stay in the country to the officials.

The B-1 category of Tourist Visa is useful the visitors who want to travel around, attending cultural festivals, events and recreational activities in the country. If you want to attend a professional business meetings, science and engineering conferences, and events then B-2 Business Visa is the perfect category for you. This knowledge about US Tourist Visa can certainly help you in applying for the appropriate Visa for your travel.


  1. Thanks for this post.Normally B1 visa (tourist visa) in us is used for the foreigners to stay for some period.But getting this visa is not so easy.You need to book an appointment by filling a form and pay the required fee.Earliest i got visa where i got it from one us consultants.He help me for getting my tourist visa.
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