Thursday, 21 April 2016

Numbers of candidates from outside of Canada are Increasing under Canada Express Entry.

candidates canada express entry
As per the report for last half of 2015, about 39% of the applications got invitation under Express Entry Visa were from abroad or out of Canada.

Since they started the point based system and will pick up the cream from top as per the points, at first they picked all clients or applications who are already in Canada who were making really good points for Canada Permanent Residency. This was because they were working in Canada at that time, which was giving them good or extra points.

But now the things have changed and the points have come down, which means that all who are from abroad and getting good points, mainly for professionals with good experience and good English are getting called for moving to Canada and settle their life in Canada. So as per the news, in the last half of the year 2015, about 39% of applications were picked from abroad, rather than within Canada.

So, as per now under 2016, we think most of the applications will be picked from abroad to get an invitation and apply for Permanent Residency after invitation for Canada. With this visa they can settle or live in any state of Canada and work and live life in their future. Moreover, do not have to go as a single applicant, can move with the family too i.e. including the spouse and children.

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  1. I agree to a certain extent. People who come to work can contribute and improve society in a number of ways

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