Saturday 29 June 2013

Top 10 Reasons for Studying in London

Why student prefer Study in London (UK) for their higher studies? What is most charming thing about this city which tops the list of every candidate these days? In fact, a recent analysis has revealed the important statistics on drastic increase in international students from different countries aspiring for UK Universities and Colleges. Here is the statistics -
  • China 90,345
  • Hong Kong 23,343
  • Nigeria 14,986
  • Malaysia 15,892
  • France 17,984
  • Germany 18,945
  • USA 19,345
  • Republic of Ireland 23,904
  • Greece 24,980
  • India 24,457
Here is a list of top reasons which explains why student from foreign countries opt for education in London -
  1. As you can observe from above figures, students from different parts of the world visit London for their higher studies. This gives them golden opportunity to learn about different cultures from various corners of the world.
  2. London is a spectacular city which acts as a hub of diverse cultures. You can get an experience of lifetime to enjoy such a dynamic cultural environment. 
  3. There are over 500 reputed industries in London which provides you lots of opportunities to get respectable job.
  4. Students get an opportunity to get settle here permanently if they prefer after completion of their curriculum.
  5. Most of the London based colleges and universities possess decent connection with local organizations which helps student to get job of their own interest.
  6. London houses lots of industries from diverse sectors like entertainment, finance, hospitality, sports and IT. So every student gets an opportunity to pursue his most desired job profile with ease in the city of London.
  7. From tourist point of view, London is sheer delight to visit. An individual gets lots of opportunities to travel in this historical city with places to visit such as Green Park, London Bridge, Big Ben Clock Tower, Buckingham Palace and many more.
  8. As huge number of student pass out every year from different universities, one can avail different discounts and perks while making purchases in London. Students can get significant discount on books purchase, shopping, dining and on some other different activities.
  9. Reputed universities like Cambridge, Oxford College of Technology London and London School of Economics are some of the famous names which attract students from diverse parts of the world. The convenient transport system of London helps students to get access to any college of their interest.
  10. After completion of the academic curriculum an individual can apply for extension of visa in the form of work permit.
If you wish to obtain a student visa to London or UK without facing any trouble then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go For Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as student visa to London. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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How to Get a Russian Visa

Russia is spectacular destination with diverse culture, amazing landscape and considered as an entertainment hub. Unless an individual has a service passport, he may have to opt for visa via Russian Visa Application Center, instead of consulate in case of some other countries. This process is applicable for all types of visa including Business Visa, Private Visa, Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, Humanitarian or Work Visas.

Russian visa application is bit complex endeavor and you have to meet every requirement which is required to get qualify for the visa. Most of the information is available on Russian government websites or quick online guide such as ‘Go for Visa’ will provide you every minute detail required for Russian Visa.

The visa application form can be completed through only online mode and you can’t take print out form and fill it manually. While going through your application process you will be offered a login and password, which you have to remember so as to access visa details in the future. 

Here are a few valuable tips which will help you during visa application process:
  • In the ‘purpose’ category, you have to enter your objective of travel no matter for much period you are going to travel to Russia.
  • In the subsequent steps, you will be asked the countries which you have visited during last one decade. An applicant can add only those countries wherein his passport is stamped on departure or arrival. In case, you have visited any country multiple times, you need to mention only recent visit and stipulate dates of travel.
  • You will also need to provide valid information about your education and employment. Don’t bother about entering exact address details; just add country and city of your employment. In case, you don’t have any contact details of your employer, you can skip the process by entering zero.
  • In case, you neither have any work experience nor have any significant education qualification, you have to address a letter to Russian Embassy explaining them this fact.
  • Once the entire application process is completed, you can print and sign it. You can either apply by mail or apply in person at any of the Russian Visa Centers. These centers can be found at Vancouver, Ottawa, Markham and Toronto.
If you wish to obtain more information on Russian visa then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go For Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as student visa to Russia. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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Monday 24 June 2013

Thailand Visa Procedures

Whether you are novice or experience visa holder, the typical terms involved in visa application process can baffle any traveler. If you gain significant knowledge about these terms in right time, it helps you to have better communication with visa officials who use them very frequently in their work life. Here are some typical terminologies which are often talked in Thailand Visa
  • Thai Visa Application: It is an initial process which involves obtaining visa permit from consulate abroad or Thai embassy. Considering the circumstances and type of entry permit being applied by candidate, it can also be done in Thailand itself.
  • Thai Visa Extension: It is mainly performed to extend the existing visa permits whose validity is pending for extension. Visa extensions are commonly performed at immigration office across kingdom. For example, a 60 day tourist visa can be extended for the period of one month after paying 1900 Baht. All the proceedings can be done at immigration office after submitting required documents.
  • Thai Visa Conversion: It implies switching from one visa to some another type. If you have an expert visa agent like ‘Go For Visa’ then it will help you to switch from one visa type to another without creating any necessity to leave Thailand.
  • Thai Visa Renewal is another important term which you must understand if you are Thai visa holder. Most of the long term entry permits are great for a single year but they must be renewed after stipulated period of time. For example, a retirement visa can be renewed easily if you have required amount of funds. An individual will not face any sort of trouble in visa renewal if he meets the requirements.
  • Thai Visa Validity:  It is nothing but duration for which visa is valid. It is stamped in your passport as soon as you enter in Thailand. This is generally stamped with the phrase ‘Enter before (Date)’ in visa document itself. However, this should not be confused with the grace period of visa before entering into Thailand once visa is issued from Thai embassy.
All these visa terminologies can be easily understood as you perform them and execute them in context of your visa application. So next time you apply, renew, convert or extend your Thai visa you must able to differentiate between all these processes. Possessing decent knowledge about all these basic terminologies will definitely make you feel confident during your visa application process.

If you wish to know some terminologies related with Thai visa then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go for Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as student visa to Thailand. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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Friday 21 June 2013

Student Visa : How to Avoid Being Cheated


You might have considered studying abroad several times but the nitty-gritty involved in the visa application process might have discouraged you every time. If studying abroad is your life time dream then you shouldn’t allow tedious paper work to frighten you. In case, the overseas school accepts your eligibility after reviewing your capabilities and grade then you will get decent support from administrative officials of college to obtain student visa. However, while applying for the student visa, beware of visa scams. Some fraudsters run private schools under disguise to seize funds from you.

Make sure the school you have selected is recognized as a legitimate education provider. You can check with online websites or take opinion from experts to select any reputed school. Some fake schools claim student that there will be no attendance required in order to obtain the degree. They don’t give any important for class attendance and their degree is available for immediate sale. If possible, try to interact with school directly instead of seeking help of from any fake agents in between. Fraudulent agents will either run away with all your schools fees or they will tell you to opt for fake visa in order to complete the process in quick time.

Student visa is generally an ideal way for candidates to avail residence and employment in any foreign country. However, there are many fake visa agents in the market providing student visa by exploiting loopholes in visa laws. Generally they persuade student to submit fake certifications which may put candidate in legal trouble while pursuing their education. So be aware of such fraudulent visa agents and seek advice from some reputed and well experience visa experts such as ‘Go For Visa’.

Most of the genuine and registered education institutions have dedicated consultants to guide you on admission process. The time frame for your student visa will depend a lot on the country from which you belong. Most of the countries will allow you to apply for the course curriculum even before you get eligible for student visa. During the process, your educational consultant will guide you on filling the necessary documents which can be forwarded to relevant government authorities for approval.

If you wish to obtain a student visa to any country of your choice without facing any trouble then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go For Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as student visa to any country. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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A Multiple Entry Visa to India

A multiple entry visa to India is available for travelers who want to enter into India for multiple times during a stipulated period of time. There are two types of multiple entry visas and its validity period mainly depends upon the applicant’s intention to visit the country. The multiple entry tourist visas have validity from half year to 10 years. On the other hand, the multiple entry business visas have validity period of 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. This blog will explain you some key things needed for US citizens, who aspire for multiple entry visas to India.

Over the last few months, Indian government has modified requirements for multiple entry visas several times. The most current change asks applicants to present a copy of either their school diploma or birth certificate. At any condition, an applicant should not attach his original documents along with the application as Indian consular service won’t take any responsibility for original documents which are sent along with the application form. Other document requirement includes two passport-style photos, a valid passport and properly filled visa application. The officials won’t accept any visa application in which an applicant is wearing glasses in his passport photo.

Applicants who are looking for business visa must provide a business letter on the letterhead of company explaining the type of business to be conducted in India with any single reference from any of the registered company in India. The application also has to clarify number of entries and validity period which an applicant is requesting. Apart from these, a sponsor letter from reputed Indian organization must be presented to the required officials. This again must be provided on the letterhead of the company.

Individuals who are entitled with a multiple entry tourist visa to India are supposed to wait for two months between their each visit. In case an individual wants to visit India before the stipulated gap of two months then he must take special permission from the respective Head of Department. Every individual’s request is scrutinized on a case-by-case basis by authorized officials and there is no guarantee whether the permission will be granted, unless someone has got very valid reason.

If you wish to obtain a multiple entry visa to India without facing any trouble then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go for Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as business visa to India. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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Monday 17 June 2013

US Visa and Immigration Myths

Most of the applicants suffer from bad consequences of immigration and visa process due to their reliance on incorrect information on internet. Here we have listed some common visa and immigration myths arising out of improper information available on websites ranging from government information pages to chat boards.

Myth 1: If you marry to a US citizen you will automatically obtain US residency.
True. Marrying to a citizen of United States is one of the easiest ways to obtain citizenship of US. However, it doesn’t always guarantee that you will get Immigration Visa or Green card. You still have to pass through several stringent processes. After two years of receiving the Green Card, you can apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS) which finalizes an individual’s status as a Unites States citizen. If AOS doesn’t approve your application then your residency might be denied.

Myth 2: Individuals from nations with Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can get US visa with just their passports.
There is list of few countries which are part of the Visa Waiver Program. Individuals of these nations can visit United States with their passports only. However, there is one more thing which is not being talked yet is the ESTA program. VWP travelers who haven’t taken approval under ESTA would be rejected boarding any air carrier for United States America. 

Myth 3: Any person can get obtain Visitor Visa to the US.
Most of the people don’t have any clue how hard it is for foreigners to avail US visa and immigration permit. The prime categories of visitor visa include Student visa and Tourist visa. As every year many people keep applying for US visa, it has become very hard for applicants from countries like Mexico and West Indies to get US visa.

Myth 4: Once you are entitled a US visa, you are directly allowed to enter the country at your Port of Entry (POE) when you arrive.
This myth is not true either. No matter what documents you have in your hand when you arrive at POE, the immigration officer to whom you meet as you pass through Immigration line has a right to stop you from entering, if the officer thinks that you shouldn't be entitled with the Visa permit.

Most of the individuals fail to differentiate between myths and facts related with immigration and visa. If you want to know more about such facts then visit Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go For Visa’ can definitely provide you right guidance on US visa and immigration guidelines. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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Saturday 15 June 2013

How to Migrate to Canada from Dubai

Most of the residents of Dubai consider Canada as an attractive destination to settle because of the fact that Canada offers standard of living very similar to Dubai. However, an individual who is thinking over migration from Dubai to Canada must understand that Dubai is different from Canada in many different aspects. An individual must be well prepared for cultural shock, language barriers and period of adaption in Canada. Besides all these common factors, one must equip with all visa guidelines before migrating to Canada for work, study or any other intent.

In spite of the fact that Dubai is well developed and modern in several ways, it has been struggling with inequality since long time. So it is not surprising that people who are facing discrimination in Dubai because of social problems take decision to shift to Canada where discrimination problem is almost negligible. There are number of alternatives available for individual who wishes to shift to Canada from Dubai. Here are some of the visa options you may consider –
  • Study Visa – Most of the young crowd consider shifting to Canada for the purpose of better education. To obtain Student visa an individual must submit letter of acceptance from Canadian university, college or school. Besides this, an individual has to go through other formalities such as police verification and medical checkup as well.
  • Self-Employed Visa In order to qualify for self-employed visa, an individual has to possess at least 2 years of experience in his own business. What it means, an individual has to demonstrate that he can make a significant different to the economy of Canada.
  • Temporary Work To eligible for temporary work visa, one has to submit a job offer from any reputed organization from Canada. This type of visa is generally issued in the form of temporary work permit. Apart from job offer, an applicant needs to prove his financial credibility by submitting sufficient documents.
  • Canadian Experience Class: An individual whose short term visa permit is about to expire can apply for Canadian Experience Class visa. In order to qualify for this visa, an individual must prove that he is familiar with the nation, its way of life, culture, demographics and many other parameters.
If you are planning to migrate to Canada for any of the reasons discussed above then seek advice from ‘Go For Visa’ is a specialist visa consultancy with several years of experience dealing with wide range of visa applications. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at
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Thursday 13 June 2013

Study in US

The United States is well known for biggest and most diverse education system in the globe, with over 5,000 universities and colleges spread over the different corners of the nation. 

Every year millions of international students migrate to USA to get undergraduate, graduate or other higher degrees in Medical, Engineering, Law, Health care, Management etc. With such abundant options in hand, deciding where to apply can be a bit tricky job. Taking into consideration the level of efforts and amount of cost required to study, you have to be extremely judicious in picking your options.

Apply Student Visa Study in USA

When doing an education planning, you need to allocate yourself enough time to thoroughly research the program or institution which will best serve your academic as well as professional goals. The need for an early start holds true and you may need to take help of internet as well. University websites and other academic internet sites can definitely offer you quick and reliable access to the required application forms.  However, you still have to give significant time to research your options by interacting with teachers and reputed institutions to provide recommendations and transcripts. After considering all these options, you can sign up an application for specific entrance exams within time to meet required deadlines.

Students, who aspire to study in US often struggle in getting their visa at right time as they don’t have enough knowledge about visa guidelines. is a best solution to tackle with all your visa related woes. You will get every minute detail on Student Visa at this online destination.

Only right immigration documents can allow a foreign student to travel to a US port-of entry and get permission from immigration officers of US to enter into nation. In order to get approval, you must show your right intent to officials by submitting genuine documents. Besides this, you must express that you have appropriate financial resources to complete your study without getting engage in illegal or unauthorized employment.

Immigration laws keep changing from time to time and you have to aware of every latest detail.  Before applying for student visa, it is recommended to take advice from a professional expert or online guide to get acquainted with latest procedures. If you want to make your visa process hassle free and cost effective then ‘Go For Visa’ will help you in doing so.  If you have any query, get in touch with us at 
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Sunday 9 June 2013

Study in Australia

Study in Australia - Immigration Consultants
Every year millions of people for all parts of the world move to Australia to study. Have you ever wondered why? What are the benefits of moving to English speaking country like Australia to study? The main benefit of studying in an English speaking country like Australia is exposure to the international language of the world.

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading educational institutions, researchers and academics – including Nobel Prize winner Professor Peter Doherty, and Chris Bosse, designer of the Watercube at the Beijing Olympics to name just two of Australia recent success stories.

But as a nation, Australia has been a home of innovation since our earliest days. Australians invented the black box flight recorder, WiFi internet, and the bionic ear – even the technology behind Google Maps was created in Australia. These days, Australian researchers are constantly developing ground-breaking projects that shape tomorrow.

With a population of 21-million people, Australia is one of the best places in the world to live while they learn. The standard of living is amongst the highest in the world, yet costs remain competitive. On someone’s breaks from study, will have a wide choice of activities to enrich their experience - from cultural festivals, concerts and museums, to major sporting events.

Also, Australian education has a strong international reputation for excellence. When you study at TOP Education Institute you will receive a quality education that will form a strong foundation for your future success. Australian institutions educate over 400,000 international students per year. For many, the most powerful lure is the quality and the diversity of Australia's education system.

There are many benefits of studying in Australia. Students are attracted to the freedom to study and work and the relatively low living costs. They enjoy the challenge and freedom of studying overseas and the status that comes from studying at a reputable institution. Furthermore, students are attracted by the country's natural and man-made wonders, the peaceful environment, the cosmopolitan cities and multicultural communities.

Studying in Australia encourages creative, innovative and independent thinking. Students learn the essential skills required for effective teamwork including communicating with others and developing abilities to become global citizens. Australian teachers encourage students to find original, practical solutions to real world problems and students are highly sought after by Australian and international employers upon graduation.

The benefits of living and learning in Australia are both personal and academic. Your years in Australia will give you the best platform to succeed in your career, and prepare you for the challenges of the work place. It won’t just be your mind that develops - your time in the classroom will change you as a person. Australian universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. You will learn from teachers who are experts in their industries and who can provide you with a sound understanding of your chosen field.

You can get all the details for moving to Australia to study by clicking on or if you have any query mail us at
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