Monday 24 June 2013

Thailand Visa Procedures

Whether you are novice or experience visa holder, the typical terms involved in visa application process can baffle any traveler. If you gain significant knowledge about these terms in right time, it helps you to have better communication with visa officials who use them very frequently in their work life. Here are some typical terminologies which are often talked in Thailand Visa
  • Thai Visa Application: It is an initial process which involves obtaining visa permit from consulate abroad or Thai embassy. Considering the circumstances and type of entry permit being applied by candidate, it can also be done in Thailand itself.
  • Thai Visa Extension: It is mainly performed to extend the existing visa permits whose validity is pending for extension. Visa extensions are commonly performed at immigration office across kingdom. For example, a 60 day tourist visa can be extended for the period of one month after paying 1900 Baht. All the proceedings can be done at immigration office after submitting required documents.
  • Thai Visa Conversion: It implies switching from one visa to some another type. If you have an expert visa agent like ‘Go For Visa’ then it will help you to switch from one visa type to another without creating any necessity to leave Thailand.
  • Thai Visa Renewal is another important term which you must understand if you are Thai visa holder. Most of the long term entry permits are great for a single year but they must be renewed after stipulated period of time. For example, a retirement visa can be renewed easily if you have required amount of funds. An individual will not face any sort of trouble in visa renewal if he meets the requirements.
  • Thai Visa Validity:  It is nothing but duration for which visa is valid. It is stamped in your passport as soon as you enter in Thailand. This is generally stamped with the phrase ‘Enter before (Date)’ in visa document itself. However, this should not be confused with the grace period of visa before entering into Thailand once visa is issued from Thai embassy.
All these visa terminologies can be easily understood as you perform them and execute them in context of your visa application. So next time you apply, renew, convert or extend your Thai visa you must able to differentiate between all these processes. Possessing decent knowledge about all these basic terminologies will definitely make you feel confident during your visa application process.

If you wish to know some terminologies related with Thai visa then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go for Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as student visa to Thailand. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


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