Saturday 15 June 2013

How to Migrate to Canada from Dubai

Most of the residents of Dubai consider Canada as an attractive destination to settle because of the fact that Canada offers standard of living very similar to Dubai. However, an individual who is thinking over migration from Dubai to Canada must understand that Dubai is different from Canada in many different aspects. An individual must be well prepared for cultural shock, language barriers and period of adaption in Canada. Besides all these common factors, one must equip with all visa guidelines before migrating to Canada for work, study or any other intent.

In spite of the fact that Dubai is well developed and modern in several ways, it has been struggling with inequality since long time. So it is not surprising that people who are facing discrimination in Dubai because of social problems take decision to shift to Canada where discrimination problem is almost negligible. There are number of alternatives available for individual who wishes to shift to Canada from Dubai. Here are some of the visa options you may consider –
  • Study Visa – Most of the young crowd consider shifting to Canada for the purpose of better education. To obtain Student visa an individual must submit letter of acceptance from Canadian university, college or school. Besides this, an individual has to go through other formalities such as police verification and medical checkup as well.
  • Self-Employed Visa In order to qualify for self-employed visa, an individual has to possess at least 2 years of experience in his own business. What it means, an individual has to demonstrate that he can make a significant different to the economy of Canada.
  • Temporary Work To eligible for temporary work visa, one has to submit a job offer from any reputed organization from Canada. This type of visa is generally issued in the form of temporary work permit. Apart from job offer, an applicant needs to prove his financial credibility by submitting sufficient documents.
  • Canadian Experience Class: An individual whose short term visa permit is about to expire can apply for Canadian Experience Class visa. In order to qualify for this visa, an individual must prove that he is familiar with the nation, its way of life, culture, demographics and many other parameters.
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