Saturday 29 June 2013

Top 10 Reasons for Studying in London

Why student prefer Study in London (UK) for their higher studies? What is most charming thing about this city which tops the list of every candidate these days? In fact, a recent analysis has revealed the important statistics on drastic increase in international students from different countries aspiring for UK Universities and Colleges. Here is the statistics -
  • China 90,345
  • Hong Kong 23,343
  • Nigeria 14,986
  • Malaysia 15,892
  • France 17,984
  • Germany 18,945
  • USA 19,345
  • Republic of Ireland 23,904
  • Greece 24,980
  • India 24,457
Here is a list of top reasons which explains why student from foreign countries opt for education in London -
  1. As you can observe from above figures, students from different parts of the world visit London for their higher studies. This gives them golden opportunity to learn about different cultures from various corners of the world.
  2. London is a spectacular city which acts as a hub of diverse cultures. You can get an experience of lifetime to enjoy such a dynamic cultural environment. 
  3. There are over 500 reputed industries in London which provides you lots of opportunities to get respectable job.
  4. Students get an opportunity to get settle here permanently if they prefer after completion of their curriculum.
  5. Most of the London based colleges and universities possess decent connection with local organizations which helps student to get job of their own interest.
  6. London houses lots of industries from diverse sectors like entertainment, finance, hospitality, sports and IT. So every student gets an opportunity to pursue his most desired job profile with ease in the city of London.
  7. From tourist point of view, London is sheer delight to visit. An individual gets lots of opportunities to travel in this historical city with places to visit such as Green Park, London Bridge, Big Ben Clock Tower, Buckingham Palace and many more.
  8. As huge number of student pass out every year from different universities, one can avail different discounts and perks while making purchases in London. Students can get significant discount on books purchase, shopping, dining and on some other different activities.
  9. Reputed universities like Cambridge, Oxford College of Technology London and London School of Economics are some of the famous names which attract students from diverse parts of the world. The convenient transport system of London helps students to get access to any college of their interest.
  10. After completion of the academic curriculum an individual can apply for extension of visa in the form of work permit.
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