Thursday 30 May 2013

Move to Fiji - Best Immigration Consultants

Fiji these days is very popular destination for those who want to leave their country and go to any other country for work and to study in Fiji even after this is a small island.

The republic of Figi, more commonly known as the Figi is an island country in  the South Pacific ocean about 2000 km north east of North Island of New Zealand. A Figi visa is a formal document which is issued by the immigration officials of Figi. The visa is a form of proof that you can stay for a temporary period in the country without any objection. Generally, a stamp is placed on a passport of the immigrant and this serves as his/her visa. The Embassy of Figi issues the different types of visa to the immigrants depending up on their purpose of visit and the duration of stay. The immigrant may enter the nation for any tourism purposes, business purpose or any educational purposes.

A Figi Visa refers to an endorsement on the passport placed by the Figi Embassy or the consulates in the country. The visa application needs to be submitted along with the passport and within limited time, the passport is returned back after the completion of the process. Our website guides you to the different procedures on how to apply for the specific kind of visa.

The Figi visa or at least the passport is required by all the US citizens to enter Figi. Our website provides you all the details about the different types of visa which can be availed by the immigrants. If an immigrant possesses a wrong type of visa, then a case of illegal immigration is filed on the person.

The types of visas that are available and mainly for which most of the people are interested into are:
  1. Work Permit.
  2. Study in Fiji.
  3. Travel/Tourist Visa.
  4. Investor Visa.
  5. Study and work along Visa.
For all the main requirements by the Fiji High commissions are:
  • Application form properly filled.
  • Certified copies of Passport.
  • If want to go for work, then letter from Employer and their company profile.
  • Police Report from local/Country of citizenship.
  • And the rest for different visas can be checked at Fiji Immigration website.
You can choose the best type of visa depending on your requirement. You can get a list of types of visa and visa requirements by clicking on or if you have any query mail us at
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Monday 27 May 2013

Migrate to Australia

If you have adequate skills and wish to migrate to Australia then you need to apply for Skilled Independent (Sub Class 189) according to DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship).

In order to get a visa of any specific country, one needs to meet certain eligibility criteria. It is recommended to apply for the visa before entering into any strange nation. This lets you to stay away from any sort of security and identity problems faced after arrival in the country. The government of the nation you are migrating to charges certain amount of money for issuing the visa and this process follows the mutual immigration policy between the two concerned countries.

The guidelines included in this kind of visa are:
  • A visa holder can reside and work permanently anywhere in Australia.
  • The points-based visa is for those workers who are not sponsored by an employer in Australia, or a state or territory, or any family member.
  • An applicant’s family members can be included in the application as well.
Applicants who wish to apply for this type of visa and want to get settle in Australia then they have to meet following criteria –
  1. Should be less than 50 years of age.
  2. Present an Expression of interest.
  3. Must have an occupation that is listed in the relevant skilled occupation list. 
  4. Have a suitable skills assessment for that occupation.
  5. Qualifies for English Language requirements.
This particular type of visa lets a client and any secondary applicant included in the visa application to stay in Australia as a permanent resident. Being a permanent resident, an individual is allowed to stay in Australia for indefinite period of time. The visa also lets an individual to travel to and enter into Australia for five years from the date the visa is entitled.

Individuals who have the required skills to fulfill Australia's skill shortages can apply for Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) in the form of permanent work visa. However in order to qualify for it, an applicant has to acquire at least 60 points on a point assessment. The evaluation is taken place in such a way that an applicant has to demonstrate that he has all necessary skills or qualification in an occupation mentioned in the list of Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

"Go For Visa" can assist all those who consider shifting to Australia and possess potential for the same. If you want to hire us for the same, we will definitely assist you in all regards. If you moving to Australia and want more updates then go to our site or mail us at
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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Migrate to Canada

Canada, one of the best destinations for migration, is capable of providing you and your family with quality standards of living. The political stability and the developing economy of the country have given rise to excellent career opportunities, high education benefits and low rate of violence and crime. Canadian immigration services allow you to enter the country in a legal manner on a temporary or permanent basis. The Canada immigration application process differs among various groups.

Canada is considered as immigrant friendly nation in the world due to its lots of equal opportunities and great living environment across the country. It is also easy to complete all the immigration procedures in Canada than any other country in the world and this is the reason why most of the people like to migrate to this country. The Canadian government also encourages the young skilled workers from any part of the world to start a career in their country as they respect high talents and skilled people from anywhere. 
Migrate to Canada with Go For Visa Immigration Consultants 
The another good thing about migration to Canada is that the employment opportunities as well as safe living environment is not specific to any few cities in the nation as all the cities in the country offers great potential in employing skilled workers. Even from the developed nationals like America, from Europe, people are coming to work and live in Canada due to its beautiful and peaceful environment throughout the country. The English and French are the two major languages spoken in the country and English fluency skills are highly required to make a comfortable living in Canada for the immigrants.

If you have a lot of work experience in a particular area or have a large amount of skills, you will be allowed to settle following your immigration to the country. In case you decide to qualify for permanent residency via a Canada work permit, you will need a Canada based firm to offer you a job for a minimum of 12 months, on the condition that it fits within the specialised sectors that require your talents. In Canada immigration, skilled workers visa and professional visa for immigration also requires you to meet the requirements of English language and French.
If someone wants to go to Canada to study further, then the best thing is to apply to good Universities and to Colleges who give the best quality of training to all. After the study is over, then they can apply for the job in Canada by themselves only. And once they keep on working for more than two years they will them be good to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. 

To have more updates and moving to Canada go to our site or mail us at
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Thursday 16 May 2013

Australia Visa Health Requirement

The purpose of health requirement while coming to Australia is to:
  • Protect the Australian community from public health and safety risks, particularly active tuberculosis.
  • Contain public expenditure on health and community services, including social security benefits, allowances and pensions.
  • Safeguard access of Australian citizens and permanent residents to health care.
Most of the visa applicants, and in some circumstances their dependents (whether they are migrating to Australia or not), are required to meet the health requirement.

To meet the health requirement who want to apply for Visa, must be free from a disease or condition that is:
  • Considered to be a threat to public health or a danger to the Australian community. The one that transfers from one to others.
  • Or something that is likely to result in significant health care and community service costs to the Australian community.
  • Likely to require health care and community services that would prejudice the access of Australian citizens and permanent residents to those services in short supply.
‘Prejudice to access’ refers to circumstances where the visa applicant’s condition is likely to limit access of Australian citizens or permanent residents to health care and community services that are in short supply.

In some circumstances to meet the health requirement the applicant may be asked to sign a Health Undertaking by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC). For example, if the applicant is assessed as having a condition or disease that requires a follow up medical examination after arriving then will need to sign a Health Undertaking before being considered to have met the health requirements.

Threats to Public health
To protect the Australian community from public health and safety risks, the candidate/applicant must be free from a disease or condition considered to be a threat to public health or a danger to the Australian community in order to meet the health requirement. Few who are banned to come to Australia are: 

1. Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is a very serious disease which has been declared an epidemic and a global emergency.
Therefore, Visa Applicant will be tested for tuberculosis if he/she is applying for a permanent visa. You must undergo testing for tuberculosis as part of the visa application process.

If applying for a temporary visa then he/she may be asked to undergo tuberculosis testing on a risk management basis. 
2. HIV and hepatitis
You are required to have an HIV test if you apply for:
  • A permanent residency visa and you are 15 years of age or older.
  • A temporary visa and you intend to work as, or study to become, a doctor, nurse, dentist or paramedic in Australia.
  • A permanent visa and you are aged less than 15 years of age and:
  • Applying for an adoption visa.
  • Have a history of blood transfusions.
  • Have any other clinical indications that you may be HIV positive.
  • Your biological mother is (or was) HIV positive.
Evidence of HIV or hepatitis
HIV and hepatitis are not generally considered to be threats to public health. Therefore, if the application is for temporary visa, which is assessed as having these conditions then may be found to be a threat to public health if the applicant:
  • intend to work as a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic whilst in Australia
  • have a viral load of a certain level
  • intend to undertake Exposure Prone Procedures as part of your duties. This refers to procedures where there is a risk of contact between the worker’s blood and the patients open tissue.
3.  Yellow Fever
If the applicants are travelling to Australia then must hold an international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever before travelling to Australia only if they are one year of age or older, and have stayed overnight or longer in a declared yellow fever infected country within six days before the arrival to Australia.

Significant Costs and Services in Short Supply
The health requirement is designed to protect the demand on the Australian health care system and ensure that additional pressure is not put on health care and community services that are in short supply.
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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Work Visa Australia Immigration Consultants

work visa australia immigration consultants
There is a visa is for skilled workers from outside Australia who have been sponsored and nominated by a business to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

An Australian business can’t found rightly skilled worker in Australia then he can sponsor a skilled worker from some other country. However the skilled position to be filled for the occupation must be listed in the DIAC.

We are offering detail information that will explain how an Australian business can sponsor skilled workers from any country out of Australia. The purpose of the sponsorship is to confirm that an Australian business wish to employ highly skilled worker. Here is the list of eligible criteria for businesses - 
  • Should not possess any adverse information about the business or any of its directors
  • It must be legally operating business
  • Should qualify for department's training requirements (Australian businesses only).
The Australian companies who are sponsoring must also demonstrate their commitment to employ local labor and follow non-discriminatory employment practices.

Besides this, being an approved sponsor, an organization can nominate unlimited number of subclass 457 visa applicants as long as the labor agreement is valid and applier has standard business sponsorship.

In case you want to apply and not familiar with the subclass 457 visa process then you should read the following information pages to understand the sponsor application process. Entering an incorrect or incomplete sponsorship application could lead to unnecessary delays and may result in rejection of application.

Considering the fact that it is an eligible business, then there are two ways through which a business can become an approved sponsor:
  •  Negotiate a labor agreement.
  • Apply to be a standard business sponsor
Option 1: Negotiate a labor agreement
A labor agreement is nothing but a formal agreement between Australian business and Australian Government. The sponsor will be allowed to enter into a labor agreement with the concern department if:
  • He/She is planning to sponsor an overseas employee to work in meat industry.
  • He/She is planning to sponsor an overseas employee to work the on-hire industries.
  • His/Her organization has specific requirements that avoid from sponsoring skilled workers as a standard business sponsor.
Most of the labor agreements include a necessity to provide training to Australian employees. A soon as the labor agreement in place, they become an approved sponsor for the stipulated period of operation of the agreement.

Option 2: Apply to be a standard business sponsor

The standard business sponsorship arrangement is another common way to sponsor any skilled worker through subclass 457 visa program. However, an individual who is planning to sponsor must lodge a right application to become a standard business sponsor.An organization can have only one standard business sponsorship approved at any given time which is applicable for three years.

The sponsor can extend the applicant’s sponsorship at any time during three-year period by filing a variation application. During the process, sponsor must utilize the same form as he/she would if they are applying to become a standard business sponsor for the first time.

Here are few important questions we are trying to answer in this post:
  • What is adverse information?
  • When is adverse information relevant?
  • What does the department do with adverse information?
1. What is adverse information?
Adverse information includes an administrative action, legal proceedings, investigation, conviction and finding of non-compliance.

2. When is adverse information relevant?
The adverse information test is entitled as soon as the skilled worker or an employer lodges any application regards to a subclass 457 visa.

3. What does the department generally do with adverse information?
In case the department becomes aware of adverse information, it can:
  • Ignore it if it is reasonable to do so.
  • Decline an application to nominate or sponsor a skilled worker, or reject their visa application directly. 
  • Abandon a sponsorship or inflict some administrative sanctions if an organization is already an approved sponsor.
More Details visit :- Australian Immigration Consultants
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Friday 10 May 2013

Things to Know Regarding US Tourist Visa for the Visitors

The United States of America is one of the busiest nations in the world which is also known as the country of many dreams. At the same time, US is also consists of lots of tourist attractions and natural beauties across its region. The Tourist Visa category is generally utilized by the visitors for various purposes apart from just touring the country’s attractions. For example, the business professionals can get Tourist Visa in order to attend particular events in the country for a short period of time also comes under B-1 Tourist Visa category. Therefore, it is important for you to know more about US Tourist Visa and its benefits and eligibilities as a visitor. The traveler from any part of the world who wants to visit the attractions and famous sights in the country comes under B-2 category of Tourist Visa. There is also a category available for the people who want to make use of their business Visa trip to United States in order to enjoy the country sights has to avail B1/B2 Tourist Visa to accomplish that. These specific categories help the visitors to identify their purpose and apply for the Visa accordingly.

If you want to get one of these Tourist Visas for United States then you would need to get suggestions from the immigration consultants before actually approaching the immigration authorities directly. The immigration consultants can assist you in the process of determining the perfect category of Business Visa as well as Visitor Visa for you as well as creating an application to approach the US embassy on your country. If you are going to US as a travel then you need to submit the regarding documents such as itinerary that you have planned and hotels that you are going to stay in the country to the officials.

The B-1 category of Tourist Visa is useful the visitors who want to travel around, attending cultural festivals, events and recreational activities in the country. If you want to attend a professional business meetings, science and engineering conferences, and events then B-2 Business Visa is the perfect category for you. This knowledge about US Tourist Visa can certainly help you in applying for the appropriate Visa for your travel.
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Importance of Picking the Best Immigration Consultant for You

Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more open each day due to the concept of globalization and many people from all over the world have the need of traveling to another country for business, education as well as work related purposes very frequently. This also leads to some headache for the Government of the countries to take care of the migrants properly. This is the main reason why every country on the world gives much importance in their immigration policies and reforms in regular interval of time. On the other hand, the visitors hate to go through some complex immigration procedures in order to get into their desired country. That’s when the evolution of immigration consultants helps out the visitors to pass through all the immigration procedures easily and successfully. It is surely difficult task for the common people from any other field to understand all the immigration procedures clearly. The immigration service providers dedicate their time and effort to analyze these procedures carefully in order to provide valuable service for their clients.
best immigration comsultant for australian visas.
At the same time, it is essential for the visitors to get the best immigration consultants available in their region to make sure that they get high quality services for their money. You need to consider certain factors while selecting the immigration consultants for yourself according to your requirements. Firstly, you need to check the reputation of the immigration consultancy that you want to choose and the good reputation means guarantees your pass percentage of immigration procedures in quick turnaround time.

The customer service and communication offered by the services are the other important factors that you have concentrate on while selecting the immigration consultants. You can also read blogs and customer reviews about the immigration service provider in order to get a clear idea about it. The fee is another concern for most of the people and you need to choose the service that is affordable in their price range without compromising their quality of service. It is also recommended for you to visit the site in order to know more details about the service provider.
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Thursday 9 May 2013

How to Choose the Country to Immigrate Based on your Needs

world best immigration consultantThe World is a one awesome place which is divided into many number countries throughout its region. The tourism and opportunities are the two important things that unite the people from all over the world. These two factors are purely based on the wealth and natural attractions on those regions. Every country has their own set of attractions as well as special business opportunities for the visitors. Therefore, it is crucial for you to understand your needs and choose the country which appreciates your skills and provide good platform for your growth. For example, if you want to get high quality studies in a particular field then it is your job to identify the country which specializes in particular field. This helps the students studying abroad to get what they want and choose their career independently.

Here are some of the essential tips that you need to consider before actually choosing the country to move in. At first and mainly, you need to identify the opportunities available in various countries in the world from which you can choose the nation that offers the opportunities in your desired field. Let’s look at some examples to get clear on this fact. If you are good at English and have the passion for teaching then you can go to China where the English teachers are most demanded and they also pay well for the job. This helps you to get your favorite career as well as earn more money than your native nation. Likewise, New York is considered as one of the places in the world which highly encourages high skilled worker visa to allow people from any parts of the world. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur or a very skillful in any particular field then you can choose the country like United States where your skills are highly appreciated and rewarded.

Demand is another major factor that can help you in choosing the country of your choice. The skill that you have must be demanded by the country that you choose to move. For example, China is the country which demands skilled worker Visa for English professors whereas the same English skills will not be helpful in America. Therefore, you need to understand this fact clearly before making the choice. These tips will certainly help you in your process of selecting the perfect country for living your life as you desired.
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Steps that you can take when Your Application is denied

It is really hard for the applicants when they know about the denial of their application by immigration authority. At the same time, it is important for you to not to panic and face it sensibly in order to solve the issue and get the approval as quick as possible from the authorities. The assistance from the immigration service provider can be a big advantage on your side as you face the issues. Firstly, you have to communicate with your immigration lawyer about the application denial and its reasons offered by the authorities. This will help you to get the real idea and reasons behind the denial by the immigration visa experts. They will also help you in coming up with better application with supported documents to apply it again.

Again, this is not the situation for you to take it more seriously and panic. You have to be relaxed and cool about the facing the problems at this stage as this is not the end of the road for you. This happens once in a while for the applicants applying for the immigration. There are lots of factors and reasons taken by the immigration authorities to deny an application. The immigration consultants can help you in identifying these reasons to make a better application quickly. At the same time, the application history of the applicants is continuously monitored by the immigration authorities of any country. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that also while preparing for the new application stating your clear facts.

The main reasons will rely on the category of Immigrant Visa application and lack of supporting documents. Therefore, one must give much importance in selecting the perfect Visa category according to their criteria as well as clearly understanding its eligibilities. You also need to make sure that the supporting documents are matched with the expectations from the authorities for the particular visa category. If everything that you submitted are true and applicable and still you gets the refusal from authorities then you can approach the Federal court to claim the decision with the help of immigration lawyers. This will certainly improve the chance of success for you in getting the application approved.
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Sunday 5 May 2013

Guide for Getting a China Visa for the Visitors

China immigration also needs a Work Visa in order to provide authority to work in China for employers from any part of the world.
China is definitely one of the super powered nations in the continent of Asia and this attracts most of the businesses as well as people from all over the world to visit the country. China is also known as a country with lots of traditions and unique culture among the people. Most of the people throughout the world are highly curious about getting to know about China more and more on their culture as well as traditions apart from business and technology. If you are wondering what is the good opportunity to work in China easily then it is easy to guess for you, Teaching English; Yes, English is one of the demanded skills in China as the country focuses on learning English in order to show their global presence more effectively. If you are good at English then you have great chance in visiting China easily at low cost. This is also a great opportunity for you to earn more money teaching English to the people in China.

Like any other country, China immigration also needs a Work Visa in order to provide authority to work in China for employers from any part of the world. For example, if you want to work in China then you need to Work Visa invitation from the employers in the country. The travelers on the other hand can apply for Tourist Visa which is usually applicable only for 30 days and you need to approach the concern immigration authorities in the nation to extend your stay on the country. It is also suggested for you to get some assistance from Immigration visa experts while applying for Tourist Visa in order to know about its limitations and validity details carefully.

The traveling enthusiasts will certainly love this country as it offers lot of exciting sightseeing and cultural festivals throughout the year. You can also take part in some of the traditional events conducted by the locals which gives you special and memorable experience. The help of immigration consultants enable you to enjoy the journey on this country without worrying about the immigration procedures all the time. Therefore, choose the best immigration service in order to have hassles free tour experience in China.
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How to Get Permanent Residence in Canada for the Immigrants

People need convincing reasons in order to migrate to another country from their native nation. Canada is one of the friendly countries which encourage lots of visitors from all over the world to work and study in their country. This is the reason why most of the people prefer Study in Canada over others due to its inviting and friendly culture as well as high quality education and career. The Canadian Government and Immigration Department over the years provides great platform for the immigrants to get into their country pretty much easily without any troubles. At the same time, you also need a help from the immigration service providers in order to make it hassle free and enjoyable.

Permanent Residence in Canada for the Immigrants
These reasons helped Canada over the years to become the most favorite country from the immigrants from all over the world. This makes the country more diverse in terms of culture as well as skilled talented people across its region. When you want to get Permanent Residence in the country, you certainly need assistance from the immigration consultancy services. It is difficult for the common people to understand the nutty gritty stuffs about the immigration procedures and policies. Therefore, the immigration consultants provide valuable information and guidelines for the clients in order to offer easy way of passing through the immigration gateways to get a Permanent Residence authority in the country.

The Canadian immigration authorities consider lot of different factors when it comes to selecting the migrants to stay in their country. The immigrants consultants identify these factors in order to make sure that you have got pass all these factors successfully. At first, you need to communicate well with your immigration consultants in order to provide them the important details about you and your application. They will take care of the rest in creating applications as well as supported documents in order to make sure the application cannot be reduced by the authorities. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to attend the Canada immigration interview by the officials well by means of preparing effectively with getting some assistance from the experts.
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Australia doing good under SVP

Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) visa has been designed for international students applying to study in Australia at a participating university. Streamlined visa processing means these applicants are treated as though they are lower migration risk (similar to the current Assessment Level 1) regardless of their country of origin. This mean that a student who takes a SVP College/University will be assessed same as Assessment Level 1. This visa is for you if you want to go to Australia as First Student Visa and the main course should be one out of these:
  • Bachelor degree
  • Masters by coursework.
If a student intends to undertake another course of study ahead of main course of study, such as an enabling course, you may also be eligible for streamlined visa processing.

With this visa: 
  • Student can study in Australia
  • Eligible dependent family members can accompany student to Australia
  • Can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks
  • A partner can study in Australia for up to three months.
More Information visit :- Student Study Visa in Australia
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