Friday 21 June 2013

Student Visa : How to Avoid Being Cheated


You might have considered studying abroad several times but the nitty-gritty involved in the visa application process might have discouraged you every time. If studying abroad is your life time dream then you shouldn’t allow tedious paper work to frighten you. In case, the overseas school accepts your eligibility after reviewing your capabilities and grade then you will get decent support from administrative officials of college to obtain student visa. However, while applying for the student visa, beware of visa scams. Some fraudsters run private schools under disguise to seize funds from you.

Make sure the school you have selected is recognized as a legitimate education provider. You can check with online websites or take opinion from experts to select any reputed school. Some fake schools claim student that there will be no attendance required in order to obtain the degree. They don’t give any important for class attendance and their degree is available for immediate sale. If possible, try to interact with school directly instead of seeking help of from any fake agents in between. Fraudulent agents will either run away with all your schools fees or they will tell you to opt for fake visa in order to complete the process in quick time.

Student visa is generally an ideal way for candidates to avail residence and employment in any foreign country. However, there are many fake visa agents in the market providing student visa by exploiting loopholes in visa laws. Generally they persuade student to submit fake certifications which may put candidate in legal trouble while pursuing their education. So be aware of such fraudulent visa agents and seek advice from some reputed and well experience visa experts such as ‘Go For Visa’.

Most of the genuine and registered education institutions have dedicated consultants to guide you on admission process. The time frame for your student visa will depend a lot on the country from which you belong. Most of the countries will allow you to apply for the course curriculum even before you get eligible for student visa. During the process, your educational consultant will guide you on filling the necessary documents which can be forwarded to relevant government authorities for approval.

If you wish to obtain a student visa to any country of your choice without facing any trouble then it is better to seek advice from recognized online expert like Authorized Visa Agents such as ‘Go For Visa’ can definitely provide you proper guidance on tourist as well as student visa to any country. In case you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


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