Monday 26 August 2013

Tips on Applying for Nonimmigrant Visa

Every individual applying for non-immigrant visa has to perform tedious paperwork and fulfill the necessary guidelines given in visa application form. However, most of the applicants struggle with the overall visa process mainly because of their poor knowledge and inability to overcome the obstacles. Go through following list of points if you are applying for non-immigrant visa and want to avail your visa without facing any complications –

Ties to your Home Country –
All individuals applying for non-immigrant visa like student visa are considered as intending immigrants till the point that they can convince consular officer. Therefore, you must able to demonstrate visa officials the important fact that you have numerous reasons to return to your home country than staying in foreign country.

Speak for Yourself –
Don’t bring family members or parents with you during interview unless required. The concerned officers want to interview you and not your entire family. A negative impression might be created if you are not ready to speak on your own behalf. In case you are minor and applying for any education program in foreign country then your parents have to talk regarding financial support they are providing to you.

Application process varies according to country –

Applicants belong to country suffering from financial problems and from where majority of the student are staying in foreign country as immigrants will have to face difficulty in obtaining visa. In fact, applicants from such countries are considered as intending immigrants. They have to go through most strenuous process of visa application as visa officers don’t offer visa to such applicants until they are completely satisfied.

Maintain a positive attitude –
Don’t engage with consulate officer in any invalid argument. If your visa has been denied, ask the concerned officer to list the necessary documents which you have to bring in order to avoid visa denial in future. Try to get the exact reason why you were denied visa in writing and make sure you work on it thoroughly before applying for visa next time.

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