Friday 16 August 2013

How to Apply for a Dubai Visit

A lavish and sparkling oasis rising out of desert, the metropolitan city Dubai attracts many business tourists to shore of Persian Gulf. No matter what is your intention of visit, Dubai always captivates travelers with its spectacular infrastructure and picturesque places to visit. If you are planning to visit Dubai in near term then here are some important things you must consider before starting your tour.

Obtaining a Visa –
Nationals of neighboring Gulf countries don’t require any visa to enter in UAE. Emirates have extended visa convenience to over 30 countries including United States. Being an American, you can simply fly to Dubai International Airport and contact immigration desk to avail 30 day visit stamp on your passport. An applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months in order to enter in UAE and you may have to show your return airline ticket to prove that you are not intending to stay further.

Points of Entry –
Apart from airport, sea ports and lands can be utilized by Americans to enter in UAE. The fee to exit from Emirates via land is 20 Dirhams as on 2013 and it need to be paid only in UAE currency. As an attempt to promote the cruise tourism segment of coastal city, UAE provides multiple entry visa facility which lets travelers to arrive with convenience which they often desire.

Safety –
The State Department advices travelers to remain alert from the threat of terrorism in Dubai, especially from Western target. Capturing photos of diplomatic facilities and military installations of UAE including American Embassy is completely illegal. All seven emirates in federation have their own judicial system and guidelines which every individual has to follow.

Special Considerations –Most of the nations in Gulf region consider military identification as valid travel document for entering into UAE. A HIV test and medical exam is also required for stays longer than one month.  US citizens living in UAE require a national identification card. Visa requirements mainly differ for different applicants such as medical tourists, students, diplomatic employees, tour groups and more.

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