Wednesday 14 August 2013

Indian Visa Tips for Novice Applicants

indian visa tips for novice applicants - Go For Visa
There are so many important things you have to consider before applying for India Visa. You have to make sure that your visa application form is filled accurately so that you don’t suffer any delays in the process. Apart from this, you have to check all the forms and documents properly before forwarding them to Indian embassy. Here are list of some most vital things which we think that you must consider before applying for any type of Indian visa.
  • Duration – Remember whether you will apply for multiple entry Indian visa or single entry Indian visa, the application fees are almost the similar. ‘Go For Visa’ recommends that you should choose Multiple Entry Indian visa so that you can get extra flexibility in managing your tour.
  • Identify your requirement – Make sure that your visa form must state whether it is business visa or tourist visa. If you are attending a business meeting and opting for vacation thereafter, then you must make sure that you will apply for either business or tourist visa.
  • Signature issues – Over the period of time, most of the people change their signature different reasons. While signing on your visa form, make sure your signature matches with the one you have on your passport. Indian Visa center is very strict in signature verification process, so you must look after this thing very seriously while applying for Indian visa. 
  • Role of Referees – At the bottom of your visa application you will find a section which asks for referees in UK and India. In case of UK, it is generally contact details of people you wish to contact in case of emergency. For the section of Indian visa form which asks you to enter Indian referees, you can enter the details of hotels you are staying in. If you don’t have any of these details to enter then you can mention British High Commission in India. This will help you to complete the important part of your Indian visa form.
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