Friday 16 August 2013

UK Working Holiday Tips

The working holiday UK is extremely popular program among people from New Zealand, Australia and individuals from some other countries who are eligible to participate in this program. By availing working holiday visa of another country you get to understand the work culture of foreign country. You also get a deeper understanding of foreign employers and their everyday operations. Go through following points to know about how to get UK working holiday visa without facing any trouble –
  • Youth Mobility Scheme – It is for those young individuals (17- 30 years) from participating countries who wish to visit UK and experience amazing work life of the country. It lets individuals to live in UK for more than 2 years, contribute to economy by spending on goods and services and paying taxes. The countries which can participate in this scheme are Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Monaco.
  • Application process – In order to apply for Visa, an individual has to contact British High Commission in his own country. It is possible to complete entire application process online. Applicants may have to wait for long time during holiday season, so make sure you choose right time for your travel.
  • UK Ancestry Visa & Dual Citizenship – If you are a Commonwealth citizen and at least one of your parents was born in UK then you have an UK ancestry and you can apply to visit UK for the purpose of employment. The UK Ancestry Visa is nothing but a four year renewable visa. In case, an applicant’s parents are British then he can also apply for Dual Citizenship.
  • Accommodation – If you are seeking budget accommodation when arriving in UK for the first time then hostel can be a perfect option. It is a great and affordable place to meet similar minded people.
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