Friday 30 August 2013

How to Get a Student Visa for Spain

Spain is an amazing country and pursuing education there is extremely rewarding, especially if you want to study Spanish literature and culinary art. US student applying for student visa in Spain must plan in advance for their journey to make sure that all necessary documents are approved before starting their journey to Spain. Go through following steps to know more about Student Visa for Spain.
  • If you have a valid passport and wish to study in Spain for less than 90 days then you will not require any visa. However, American students who wish to study in Spain and want to stay there for more than 90 days must apply for student visa.
  • Gather all the documents you need to submit along with your visa application. Make sure that you have a valid passport. You also have to submit proof of your residence by either providing a voter registration card or driving license.
  • Try to apply for your student visa at least 3 months in advance as it takes more than 6 weeks for visa application to get processed.
  • Submit a letter of acceptance from Spanish education institute you are planning to study.  Demonstrate your sound financial status by submitting a letter indicating that you have already paid all the fees in advance.
  • An authorized letter from your parents demonstrating their financial support or your recent bank account statement are also some acceptable ways to demonstrate your financial means for education.
  • If you are planning to stay in Spain for more than six months then submit a Certificate of Police Authorities to demonstrate that you don’t have any negative police record.
  • US student have to pay visa processing fee of $100. For other students, processing fee may vary from country to country.
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