Monday 30 September 2013

What is a Singapore Employment Pass (EP) Application?

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a type of visa allocated to foreign entrepreneurs, managing directors as well as shareholders in order to permit them to establish and control their business in Singapore. However, in some cases, EP can be also considered as a work visa issued to managers, supervisors, senior workers and employees with specific skills.
Singapore Employment Pass

It is common myth that a strong educational background will allow an individual to get qualify for EP. However, MOM puts some exceptions and offers work visa to only those applicants who have exceptional professional expertise even if they lack in the educational criteria. As per the agency, this particular visa has got three categories which are generally based on the fix monthly salary of an applicant -
  • Q1 Pass - This is given to applicant whose monthly income is more than S$2,500.
  • P1 Pass - This is offered to applicant who has a monthly income of more than S$7,000.
  • P2 Pass - This is issued to foreign candidates who take fixed monthly income which ranges from S$3,500 to S$7,000.
For employees and professionals, the basic criteria for Singapore Employment Pass application include -
  • Specialized abilities and skills
  • A renowned college degree from a recognized school
  • A fixed monthly salary of at least S$2,500
  • Professional qualification
  • Several years of work experience
Apart from these five important factors, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also considers some other aspects such as current citizenship, applicant's age, his roles and responsibilities in a organization he is working with.

There are certain cases in which MOM will decline applications which lack in supporting documents. However in such scenario applicants can proceed for an appeal and submit some valid records showing their eligibility for EP to the agency. Most of the times, it takes more than 3 weeks for the agency to evaluate the candidate’s appeal.

However, Employment Pass should be renewed after every 2/3 years, depending on it validity. A person will be notified by MOM requiring him to renew his visa one month before its actual expiry date.

One important thing an applicant has to note is that whenever there is a change in employer, MOM must get inform which will then review candidate’s professional qualifications as well credentials of the employer. There is no need for existing EP holders to revoke their existing work pass as agency conducts the revocation process as soon as an applicant has entitled with the new visa.

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  1. Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a sort of work visa issued to outside proficient representatives, directors, and holders/executives of Singapore organizations.
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  3. For 2016 year the Employment Pass subclasses P1 salary is above 8000 SGD, P2 - 4500 SGD and Q1 is 3300 SGD.