Friday 13 September 2013

How to Get a Tourist visa to France

tourist visa franceAccording to the recent data released by World Tourism Organization (WTO), France witnesses highest foreign tourists in the world.  For US citizens, visa is not mandatory to experience this city of lights. However, citizens of most of the countries are not waived off from visa requirement. For tourists of countries which are required to carry a visa referred as ‘Schengen Visa’ can stay for less than 90 days in France. The application for Schengen Visa is bit complicated and it demands tedious paperwork. Go through following steps to make your visa application to France easier –
  • The first and foremost step is to identify whether you belongs to citizen of nation which demands Schengen visa to France. Visa to France is waived for citizens of nations including Venezuela, Nicarag, Monaco, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Israel, Honduras, Holy See, Guatemala, El Salvador, Croatia, Costa Rica, Chile, Canada, Brunei, Brazil, Bermuda, Australia, Argentina and Andorra. Citizens of countries apart from mentioned above have to apply Schengen visa for their short stay in France.
  • If you are planning to apply for Schengen visa, then figure out nearest Consulate General of France by doing some detail research on official website of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Once you figured out the nearest location of French consulate, you have to schedule an interview with him. All the application proceedings of Schengen visa has to be completed in person, as finger-printing is one of the mandatory things during entire process.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens who are applying inside US for Schengen visa, the documents they have to submit include -  proof of round trip air or train ticket, completed Schengen application,  passport with validity for at least three months, proof of U.S visa or green card and one passport-size photo graph.
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  2. Anybody living outside the United States (other than Canadian citizens) who needs to renew their Urgent passport should do so at the closest United States Embassy or Consulate. If they are in France, they may submit their Form DS -82 by regular mail to the address shown on the form. Applicants should use a secure, trackable delivery service and a big envelope when sending the form through the mail.