Monday 2 September 2013

How to Obtain a Student Visa to Austria

Student Visa to AustriaAustria is home to one of the oldest monarchies of Europe and since very long time it has been connecting the west to the east. Geographically, it has connected Ottoman Empire to monarchs of west. Obtaining education in Austria is dream for many students as it is combination of great history and diverse culture. Go through following steps to know about how to obtain a student visa to Austria-
  • The first and foremost thing is to download visa application form from official website of Austrian Embassy. You have to fill some very basic details such as your complete name, citizenship information, address, travel information and some important passport details such as passport number and its expiration date.
  • Make sure that your passport will be valid for more than six months after your tentative arrival date.
  • You must submit a letter of acceptance from your university to Australian government along with your visa application form. You will not be offered a student visa if you fail to submit this document.
  • The visa officials also demand that you submit residence proof while you are in Austria. Most of the universities provide accommodation, so if you are seeking this route then you have to submit some proof demonstrating that you are going to live on campus.
  • You should provide a required bank statement which says that you have enough funds when you enter into the country.
  • You must submit your itinerary details to Austrian Embassy mentioning your plans when travel in Austria. For instance, you have to make a note of plans of trips outside the city and the dates when you are going to depart from Austria.
  • As of 2010, all the above mentioned documents and paperwork have to be submitted by you in person to the Austrian Embassy.
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