Thursday 7 August 2014

A Four Step Guide to Get US Student Visa

Despite all the buzz about how difficult it is to get a USA visa, getting student visa for USA can be surprisingly easy if you carefully follow the below given steps.

1. Fill the Application form carefully: After an educational institute in the US has invited you or accepted your application to study there full time, it will send you the application form for student visa.

Take extra precautions while filling the details, and make sure that all the spellings are correct. Your name and other details that identify you as an individual are thoroughly checked by USA immigration authorities during security clearance, and a minor spelling error can delay your visa approval.

2. Make an Appointment for the Visa Interview: Student visas can be issued up to 120 days before your course starts, and it is your responsibility to make an appointment for your visa interview during this period.

To begin with it, you can log on to and locate the website of the US Embassy in your country,where all the information regarding making an appointment is provided.

First you need to pay a fee of US $200 (SEVIS fee) for the resources used to record your stay in the States. In addition, you also need to pay US $160 at the US embassy in your country for your visa application processing. SEVIS fee must be deposited at least three days before the visa interview and you need to display its receipt during the interview.

3. Fill the Non-Immigrant Form: This form also needs to be presented during the interview. The form can be filled online and to get the form and instructions on filling it click here. Upload your photo for the form as per the instructions and take another copy of it with you for the interview.

4. Prepare for the Visa Interview: This is the most crucial part and you require a good deal of time for it. Therefore, it is advised to apply for the visa in advance so that you can prepare for your visa interview well enough.

From what you wear to how you speak and present yourself, everything plays an important role during the interview. You will be asked to provide details regarding your intended stay period, how you will financially support yourself during your stay in the States, etc. Prepare to answer all the questions clearly and completely.

Taking assistance of an immigration consultant can also be of great value while preparing for a visa interview. And Go For Visa is the name you can trust on in this context. At Go For Visa, we not only guide you about the requirements of the visa process but also help you to prepare for your visa interview effectively.


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