Sunday 10 February 2013

What an illegal immigrant to US could mean in the future?

News coming of US show that President Barack Obama is throwing his immense support to back a complete change and overhaul of existing US immigration laws. According to him, the present system is "out of date and badly broken" and “now is the time” to go ahead and get it going in an efficient manner. Speaking in Las Vegas addressing a majority Hispanic high school, he added that "a broad consensus is emerging" with respect to immigration issues across the country.

There could be a fierce debate emerging on the issue in the near future that could ignite a lot of emotions. However, it is a challenge directly related to economic growth while ensuring an equal opportunity for citizens.
The president stressed that action is the need of the day and it has been long forthcoming. Debate is only a tool to refine the changes and should not be an impediment to progress on the law.

The decision also has political ramification as seen before. It was the president’s promise in the lead up to the 2008 presidential election to overhaul the immigration laws, however, he failed to deliver drawing ire from the Latino community. In the run up to the 2012 presidential elections, many unlawful immigrants were stopped from entering the country which added to the Latino’s delight.

Immigration to USA is not such a complicated process. Undocumented and unlawful immigration is not encouraged by any country. If one lacks in know how or in resources, one should take help from immigration consultants and not cross borders entailing high risk. In fact, at most borders, immigrants have been known to be shot mistaken for being terrorists.

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