Thursday 4 July 2013

How to Become the European Union Citizen

People in the states of European Union are highly influenced by international migration flow. This is important reason why the common immigration policies at European Union level are decided. EU commission has made some amendments in the proposals which as recently turn into EU legislation. The key objective of EU legislation is to offer well organized migration flow with an approach which takes into account both demographic as well as economic state of European Union.

European Union (EU) Citizenship is the complementary citizenship automatically offered to nationals of an EU Member state. So in order to obtain EU citizenship, one has to be citizen of any of the EU member states first. Being a citizen of European Union, one can enjoy lots of associated rights including right to shift freely within the province of EU member states. Nowadays, it is getting bit tougher to obtain the citizenship of EU member states. This fact is also fueled by high voices raised by nationals of EU member states regards to global financial crisis and high unemployment rate.

Cyprus is one of the European Union states, which has been promoting immigration in the country. Cyprus provides immigration Visas which help individuals and companies to shift to Cyprus permanently with an objective to obtain citizenship of European Union in due course. Cyprus provides you an opportunity to live healthy and prosperous life through efficient professional services, advance infrastructure, favorable tax regime, well qualified labor force and healthy climate in entire Europe. However, there are certain immigration rules and regulations that an applicant has to follow in order to get permanent citizenship of European Union.

When Cyprus Immigration acknowledges you the ‘Category F’ Visa permit, you are allowed to stay in the state of Cyprus permanently. This directly gives a way to become citizen of European Union. Cyprus Category F visa also lets your dependents to be a part of Europe. Apart from this, you are also allowed to migrate to Germany, Ireland, Spain, UK or any other EU state if wish to.

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