Thursday 4 July 2013

What are Tourist Visa Requirements?

It doesn’t make any sense for an individual to apply for tourist Visa of US if that person doesn’t meet necessary requirements. These requirements can’t be fulfilled with just several pieces of papers. And what an individual required is some extraordinary capabilities to prove his eligibility towards US tourist Visa.

First and foremost thing which one requires in order to get qualify for tourist visa is valid passport. It should be valid for a period which extends to at least six months beyond that time when the requested visa would be expected to expire. Almost every validated visa (a stamped I-94 card) can be obtained at the port of entry and remains valid for at least six months.

Apart from this, an individual who wish to apply for tourist visa must fulfill the Form DS-156. The required form can be brought at US Embassy during the time of interview or can be downloaded during the course of interview as well. On the other hand, B-1 visa is especially made for business visitors and generally offered to foreigners pursuing some business activities in US but not allowed to work or search for employment in US.

B-2 is another form of US tourist visa which can be offered to those people who find it necessary to visit US for some sort of medical treatment. An individual who wants B-2 must submit a letter from physician stating his nature of medical problems. The medical letter must clear that the desired treatment is not available in the country from where the applicant belongs and the only way he can cure himself is by getting medical treatment in US. Apart from this, he must examine himself at the hospital or physician in United States to complete his medical verification.

That examination is usually conducted at the time when an individual is interviewed at the US Embassy. However, the medical examination may introduce some added expenses into the overall application and procedure. Therefore, an individual who wants a medically-based B-2 must be ready to pay some extra fees, which cannot substitute the standard visa charges.

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