Sunday 21 July 2013

How to Get Business Visa to UK

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC doesn’t expect citizens of European Union (EU) and Switzerland to apply for any type of visa to enter into Ukraine. However, if you are from some other country than the ones mentioned above and if you want to start business in UK then you should apply for business visa through any Ukrainian consular offices located in your home country. Depending upon how often you are planning to travel to Ukraine, you can apply for either multiple entry visa or single entry visa. Go through following tips to know more about business visa to Ukraine –
Get Business Visa to UK Immigration Consultants
  • Get in touch with your business contact in Ukraine to obtain the letter of business invitation explaining nature and duration of your visit. Ukrainian Embassy doesn’t inflict this kind of requirements on individuals who are from US, Canada, Slovakia, Turnkey and Japan. Apart from this, the business entity an individual is planning to visit must be formally recognized by the government of the country.
  • An individual can download required application form from official website of Ukrainian Embassy. Make sure that you attach all documents properly along with your business visa application form.
  • An applicant has to submit a visa processing fee in the form of money order payable to - "The Embassy of Ukraine, Washington, DC". The Ukrainian Embassy will not charge any visa processing fee from citizens of United States seeking a business visa.
  • If you are planning to apply by mail then include self addressed Priority Mail or prepaid USPS Express Mail envelope along with your application form. This is because Ukrainian Embassy refuses to accept any return envelopes from other courier services.
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