Monday 29 July 2013

How to Obtain New Zealand Tourist Visa

New Zealand boasts about its highly attractive and flourishing tourism industry. With several landscape combining snow capped mountains, forests and sandy beaches, it offers wide range of reasons for visitors who desire to explore outdoors. Sightseeing, adventure and basking are all alternatives available for tourists, with most of the tourists decide to extend their visa in order to enjoy all this. However, tourist visa can be only available if an applicant meet certain eligibility criteria and follow the right application process. Go through following points to know about how to obtain New Zealand Tourist Visa
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  • Australian citizens don’t need any visa to enter into New Zealand. On the other hand, British citizens are also allowed to visit New Zealand for up to 6 months without any visa. An individual doesn’t need any visa if he is from visa-waiver nation and plan to stay for less than 3 months in the country. However, an applicant has to submit the proof of onward travel arrangements and demonstrate that he can fund his own stay.
  • You can refer the Visitor Visa Guide available on the official website of Immigration New Zealand to know about the process. The guide talks about diverse kind of visa available to enter New Zealand along with the cost and eligibility criteria.
  • Confirm whether you will require a medical certificate along with your application form, if you are planning to stay for more than 6 months. If your application is pre-paid, then you must give necessary evidence of availability of sufficient funds in your account.
  • An applicant can apply to extend his stay as a tourist before he reach the end of 9 month stay permitted on his visitor visa. An individual can even stay for additional 3 months if he can sustain himself financially and hasn’t been sponsored by somebody else.
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