Saturday 27 July 2013

How to Obtain Italian Student Visa

Most of the universities and colleges in US have programs which encourage students to apply for study in Italy. However, students who wish to stay in Italy for more than 90 days must possess a valid student visa for Italy. Visas for long visits can be achieved by contacting with Italian consulate or you can click on There are many Italian consulates available in United States who will guide you on your endeavor to obtain student visa to Italy. Go through following steps to know about how to obtain Italian Student visa if you are US citizen -

how to obtain student visa in italy
  • Get a US passport via Department of State. If you already have a passport, confirm that it will not expire within 3 months of your stipulated final day in Italy.
  • Obtain a letter from representatives of your educational institute stating the objective and nature of your course curriculum in Italy. The representative can be any faculty member of your college or university. He can be an academic sponsor in Italy as well. The document must contain detail information on how long the program is going to last and your number of hours of every day study.
  • Along with your visa application form, you may have to submit copies of your entire academic record. This must also include the transcripts of all educational programs you have gone through for credit.
  • An applicant also needs to reveal his plans for accommodation in Italy and his financial capabilities to compensate for accommodation.
  • You will also need documents of health insurance and acquire copies of all the medical documents which will be reviewed in case of medical emergency.
  • Submit all the required documents to Italian consulate. The officers will review your application in detail and will discuss with you some important issues pertaining to Italian student visa.
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