Wednesday 31 July 2013

Visa Application Process for Minors

The visa application process of US is extremely straightforward and hassle free. Individuals who are applying for US visa have to register for an appointment with consulate of their own country to have a face to face interview with visa officers. In order to complete the interview process successfully, physical presence of applicant is must. Minor children under age of 21 years often struggle with visa application process because of their lack of knowledge. Here are some useful tips which will help minors to go through their visa application process smoothly –
  • Minors under age of 7 don’t need to attend the interview but they must present for the visa registration process.
  • The main documents which minors have to submit include visa application form, birth certificate, valid passport, payment receipt, medical examination report, travel consent from parents and documents mentioning financial support of the parents.
  • Minors can attend visa interview with their parents. In case, both the parents possess valid US visa then either of the parent go for interview with minor. If only one parent possess valid visa then both the parents have to accompany the minor for interview.
  • Visits can be either permanent or for fixed duration depending upon the visa an individual is applying for. Most common type of visas made available for minors include B2 and H4 for dependents.
  • In case, one parent of minor is US citizen and other parent belongs to foreign origin then minors can qualify for K2 or K4 visa. K2 visa is made available for children of US citizen and foreign fiancĂ© of an individual.
  • K4 visa is made available for children of US citizen and foreign spouse of an individual. Some other types of visas issued to minor include V3 visa, which is made available for children of green card holders. Minors are normally offered visas for the duration of 10 years no matter what their age is.
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